Friday, July 23, 2010

5 Great Cowboy Gift Books at the Gilded Lily

Looking for a small gift book to give as a fun present, or to add to a birthday gift bag? Come to the Gilded Lily to browse our selection of intriguing, whimsical, or just downright silly gift books. We're happy to gift wrap them for you at no extra charge, too!

Today we thought we'd show you a few of our humorous cowboy-themed books. Great gift for grampas, dads or uncles!

"Never Ask a Man the Size of His Spread: A Cowgirl's Guide to Life" features tips such as "Use a short rope, a sweet smile, and a hot brand."

"There's No Cure for lovesickness, and nobody really wants one." A hilarious humor book with a cowboy theme. "When you go fishing for compliments, make sure you're using the right bait."

"Hats and the Cowboys Who Wear Them" is another book of cowboy themed advice by Texas Bix Bender. "Never put on anybody else's hat-and don't take it kindly if they put on yours."

We couldn't resist "Cow Chips Aren't For Dipping: A Guide to Life in the New Wild West." It covers survival tips for road trips in the West; how to achieve the cowboy, Native American, Mormon or drugstore cowboy look; how to master the talk; and entertainment activities including mushroom hunting, cow tipping, river running, and rodeo. Plus it has a chapter on making authentic Western style chili!

Cowboy Etiquette admonishes "Always tip your hat to a lady. And they're all ladies."

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