Monday, September 14, 2009

Cookbooks for Autumn at the Gilded Lily

As fall approaches, we're excited to get back into the kitchen and cook up some hearty comfort food. We're brushing up on our repertoire with "Paula Deen's Kitchen Classics." It has recipes for appetizers both hot and cold; soups and salads; breads, vegetables and side dishes, main courses, and desserts.

This book contains recipes from two of her other cookbooks, "The Lady & Sons Savannah Country Cookbook" and "The Lady & Sons, Too" so you won't need to buy this if you own those already.

We highly recommend "The Gourmet Slow Cooker," by Lynn Alley. This is Volume II, featuring slow cooker recipes from Greece, France, Mexico, the US, Britain and a few other countries.

We can't wait for a rainy autumn evening - we'll light a fire, and sip hot cocoa (or something a bit stronger, perhaps!) "Making Your Own Gourmet Chocolate Drinks" has recipes for hot drinks, cold drinks, sodas, floats, and shakes. We might turn straight to the chapter called "Hot Gourmet Chocolate Drinks with Liquor."

The holidays and festive season ahead may call for cupcakes for various parties and entertainments, so we recommend Martha Stewart's Cupcakes book. The pictures are mouthwatering, and the recipes are usually pretty easy to follow. Some of the decorating suggestions are a bit above our skill level, though!

Our two Morton's cookbooks are chock full of hearty recipes for fall. "Morton's the Cookbook" offers 100 steakhouse recipes, including steak, vegetable sides, soups, appetizers, and even desserts. We also carry "Morton's Steak Bible."

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