Monday, May 25, 2009

Tea Forte Cocktail Infusions for Summer Parties

We love to throw summertime cocktail parties - we'll devise some flimsy excuse any chance we get! Our Tea Forte Cocktail Infusions surprise our guests with their modern, refreshing flavors.

They're easy to use - just drop a cocktail infuser bag into a clean cocktail glass, then pour alcohol directly over it. Dip the infuser in and out of the alcohol a few times, then fill the glass with ice. Let it sit two minutes then serve your lucky guest.

Lavender Citrus can be used to make a Lavender Pear Martini, Cosmo de Provence, Lavender Lime Rickey,

Lemongrass Mint is used to make a Wild Mint Mojito, Lemongrass Gin & Tonic, and a
Bali Breeze.

For something a bit more exotic, try the Silkroad Chai infusion. Use it to create a spicy Chai White Russian, a Bombai Chai Rum & Tonic, or a refreshing
Peach Chai Crush.

Here at the Gilded Lily, we carry all three flavors. We also sell a combination package with all three varieties.

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